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FCC Public Inspection Files

Johns Creek, GA (station call letters TBD)

LPFM Construction Permit, Off-Air

~public inspection files not required for LPFM stations~

We are looking for qualified (nonprofit) Christian ministry partners who may be interested in an HD channel for their own programming (great alone or for feeding translators!) in exchange for underwriting the new station's operations.



for information, contact:

Rockwell Media Services

Morgan Skinner, Senior Broker


WNEE - Athens (Patterson), GA

Non-Commercial/Educational (NCE) - Licensed & On-Air

~under negotiation~

WNBA - Milledgeville, GA

Non-Commercial/Educational (NCE) Construction Permit (CP)

KRAM - Borrego Springs, CA

Non-Commercial/Educational (NCE) Construction Permit (CP)

PUBLIC NOTICE ANNOUNCEMENT: on April 5, 2024, Community Public Radio, Inc. permittee of radio station KRAM(FM) 90.5MHz, Borrego Springs, CA, filed an Assignment Application with the Federal Communications Commission for the transfer of the Construction Permit to Ram Media Foundation, Gabriel Wisdom, President of Racho Santa Fe, California.  Members of the public wishing to view this application or obtain information about how to file comments can visit

WCFD - Tallahassee (Crawfordville), FL

Non-Commercial/Educational (NCE) Construction Permit (CP)

*FCC-required divestiture of NCE stations due to grant of LPFM Construction Permit

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